Australia welcomes Japanese defence reform

Statement – 19 September 2015

I welcome the decision of the Japanese Government to reform its defence policies to enable Japan to play a greater role in promoting peace and security in our region and internationally.

The reforms to Japan’s defence policies will enable the further strengthening of Australia’s defence and security cooperation with Japan. This includes Japan’s full participation in the CEP for Australia’s next generation of submarines.

Japan is one of three potential partners who are engaged in the CEP being conducted by the Department of Defence. I am very encouraged with Japanese engagement with Australian industry to date. I welcome Japan’s commitment to continuing to strengthen this engagement.

Australia fully supports reforms that increase Japan’s role in our shared interests in regional and international peace and security.

The reforms to Japan’s defence policies will also allow Australia and Japan to further develop our trilateral defence relationship with our common alliance partner the United States.

Japan is a key defence partner of Australia in this region and I welcome the opportunity to develop this relationship further.