The New Totalitarians

A significant concern that many people have about changes to marriage laws is the manner in which freedom of speech and religion will be affected. These concerns are harboured by some people who favour change, not just those who oppose it.

The concerns are not fanciful. Already there have been a series of events that bear out the fears. A bishop is dragged before a tribunal for simply expounding Catholic beliefs. A company retreats after a twitter storm because it was associated with a respectful debate between two Members of Parliament about same-sex marriage. A business executive is hounded by activists to resign from the board of a Christian education institution. A university is pressured about an academic who supports a Christian foundation. The latter was argued in the name of diversity – a diversity that tolerates only one view!

This and other instances have occurred while marriage is still legally defined as between a man and a woman. Imagine the onslaught from the activists if the definition was changed.

This new totalitarianism threatens fundamental freedoms.