Crime in Victoria

Rising levels of crime in Victoria is an issue that constituents raise with me regularly and I spoke about it in the House this week.

Many people are fearful for their safety.

Consider the trends. Murder has increased by 19 per cent; attempted murder is up by 141 per cent; common assaults are up by 34 per cent; rape has increased by 14 per cent; aggravated robbery by 33 per cent; and aggravated burglaries by 66 per cent.

I have written before about the spate of gang offences and the inadequacy of Victoria’s bail laws.

I commend the Liberal/National opposition in Victoria for their three-point plan to fix the bail system.

First, the Coalition proposes to introduce the presumption of remand for those charged with violent offences – community expectation being that people accused of violent offences should not be put straight back onto our streets.

Secondly, it would introduce a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy for anybody breaching bail. If you are on bail and you violate the conditions of bail, you forfeit that privilege and face remand. For far too long in Victoria, breaching bail has carried no consequences.

Thirdly, the Coalition proposes to reinstate the offence of breaching bail by juveniles, which was a change that weakened the bail system in 2016.

These three measures would improve the public safety for the residents of Victoria.