Schools Funding

The issue of schools funding has dominated the Federal Parliament for the past few weeks.

Many non-government schools in Menzies expressed concerns to me about the proposals. I visited a number of schools to meet with principals and parents and a large delegation of teachers and parents from a group of local schools also came to discuss the issue with me.

At the heart of their concerns is the manner in which the funding model, the SES, operates. In simple terms, the amount of funding a school receives is determined by the income of parents in the postcode in which the school is situated.

This method can throw up anomalies. If a school is situated in a wealthy postcode area, but attracts pupils from other areas, the actual resources of the parents can differ greatly from what the formula indicates.

I was pleased therefore, as a result of the representations that I and a number of colleagues made, that the government agreed to a comprehensive review of the funding model. This review, to be conducted in the coming year, will include representatives of the various school sectors. Hopefully, it will result in agreement on how to fix the problems that exist in the funding model.